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5 Ways to Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile

As we move more and more to a technology-based society, we have found ways to enhance our experiences. Over the past 20 years we've been able to video chat with anyone around the world, stay connected to friends and family through social media, buy food, clothes and even a car using our phones. However, one of the greatest platforms I think technology has created is LinkedIn, a digital resume. A place where you can not only connect with professional colleagues and mentors but potential employers and employees. It has created a workforce hub that gives you the ability to put the spotlight on yourself and highlight your accomplishments, skills, and experiences in one place. However, for it to be very effective there are many ways that you can enhance your LinkedIn profile to make you stand out.

1. Add a Headshot

One of the easiest ways to enhance your profile is simply by putting a photo of yourself. Remember though first impressions are important so not just any picture you choose from your Facebook account but a professional headshot. If you have a picture of yourself “in action”, use it!

2. Use Multimedia

Unlike a paper resume where we are limited to the words on the page, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to liven up your accomplishments and experiences by using multimedia. Uploading pictures, videos, presentations of your work or what you do could make you stand out.

3. Create a Custom URL

Another fairly simple way to make your profile better is by customizing your URL. If you notice the URL for your profile comes standard with a long set of numbers which is unique to your page but adding that URL to a business card, website or even resume is not a good idea. Changing the URL to a custom one that makes it easier to reach your page is a must. Example name. This could be done by going to the edit Profile screen and under Public Profile URL tab, click edit and set it as your custom link.

4. Ask for Recommendations

Think of recommendations as a yelp review. They are very helpful to making your profile stand out as it shows employers that other people have liked and approved of you and your work. Don’t be shy about asking for them either, if you have built great working relationships with people ask them to make a recommendation and be specific on what you want them to highlight.

5. Be Creative

One of the biggest mistakes that people make on their profiles is trying to copy other people in their format and wording. You have to be creative to stand out. Avoid using overused words such as effective, driven, creative etc. Find different ways to highlight yourself. Don’t be generic!


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