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We invite you to our 2020 SFSU Science Communication Showcase!

Wed Dec 9th 2020 starting at 10am PST


10:00-10:20 SFSU scicomm Introduction

Main Lounge: meet our 2020 #scicomm team.

Zoom link for the Main Lounge:

Meeting ID: 860 9493 0225

Passcode: 589721

After our introductions, choose one of three options below:

10:20-11:40, Chill and Chat with us here about our work!

Same zoom link as above, hosted by Ariana and Lela:

Stick around in the Main Lounge to socialize, chill, and play games.

10:20-11:40 SFSUscicomm Career Panel Room

Meet and get advice from SFSU students about college, science, and research paths.  #ThisIsWhatAScientistLooksLike

Zoom link for the Career Panel, hosted by Midley and Rocky:

Meeting ID: 869 2648 6185

Passcode: 201375

10:20-11:40 SFSUscicomm Screening Room

Come explore our research and career passions through our 3 Minute Thesis videos

Zoom link for the Screening Room, hosted by Marie and Faith:

Meeting ID: 890 6419 8720

Passcode: 617487

Don't know where to go? Head over to the Main Lounge! We'll give you all the info you need!

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