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Fertility researcher, professor and mentor, mom, and food enthusiast


Twitter: @chud8



Salvador Alvarado

Cell & Molecular Biology

MS Candidate

I'm interested in studying how craniofacial anomalies arise during development. I myself was born with one and it has inspired me to study and learn more about them in order to perhaps one day prevent them from developing in the first place.

Twitter: @salvamasaya


Jarred Dela Cruz

Cell & Molecular Biology

MS Candidate



I'm interested in studying how undergraduate students understand and learn biology and how first year seminar programs impact them.


I'm an aspiring educator with a passion for food and travel!

Twitter: @jarr_bearr


Jeremiah Ets-Hokin

Marine Environmental Physiology 

MS Candidate



I am interested in themes of ocean acidification and near shore ecology along the California coast. As first year masters student in Dr. Jonathon Stillman’s lab I hope to focus on themes of climate change and marine environmental physiology. 

I am always looking for better ways to improve my science communication to both my peers and to the public.

Twitter: @EtsJeremiah

Jason Huang.JPG

Jason Huang

Cell and Molecular Biology

MS Candidate


I am currently a first-year grad student in Dr. Joseph Chen's lab. I am a recent grad from SFSU, majoring in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry.

I am interested in effectively communicating science in different ways to different groups of people.

Twitter: @jasonlhuang


Angela Lane

Cell & Molecular Biology

MS Candidate 



I study cell communication via wnt-producing filopodia. 

I teach Genomics Theory at Peralta Community College.

I like to read classical literature and cook low-fat (but delicious) food.                                                          

I’m also writing a Genomics/R programming Musical !!!!

Twitter: @AngelaELane1


Lauren Levesque

Cell & Molecular Biology

MS Candidate


I use bioinformatics to study the dysregulation of RNA splicing in cancer. 


I hope to make science less intimidating and increase confidence in my students to be curious and independent thinkers.

Twiiter: @LaurenLevesque5

Shanmukha Madras.JPG

Shanmukha(Shan) Madras

Biology- Cell and Molecular Biology

MS Candidate


I’m a first-year grad student in the CMB program and I’m a part of Dr. Joseph Chen’s Lab. I finished my undergraduate studies as a Microbiology major at SFSU in Spring 2020. I’m interested in how plants use nitrogen in its molecular form for protein nutrition. One of my goals this year is to effectively communicate science to non-science people.  


Twitter: @madrasShanmukha

Midley M. Headshot 2IMG_8099.JPG

Midley Michaud

Physiology & Behavioral Biology

MS Canidate



I am a first-year in the Health Equity Research (HER) lab. My interest is to be involved in my community and learn about more ways I can improve my community’s well being and mental health. Currently, working on a project to promote healing in nature for Black and Brown communities as well as reclaiming their ancestral roots.


I am very interested in learning about better ways to effectively communicate science in a way my community can understand.

Twitter: @MimiScicomm

Kathryn Papoulias.jpg


Museum Studies

MA Candidate


I'm a second-year in the Museum Studies MA program, with an emphasis in Education & Public Programming. I hope to find ways museums can leverage their collections and their roles as informal education centers to better communicate climate change and conservation issues to youth and families.

I'm passionate about encouraging curiosity and scientific literacy in early learners, advocating intersectional environmentalism, and looking for the latest and greatest cool washed-up dead stuff on the beach.


Twitter: @kjpapoulias

IG: @kaatyydid

Faith De Amaral.jpg

Faith De Amaral

Biology - Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology

MS Candidate 


I work closely with passerine species to determine the effects of blood-borne parasites on behavior. I love everything related to saving our native and endangered species!

Twitter: @FaithDeAmaral


Fiona Duong

Integrated Biology

MS Candidate


I study plant structure-function relationships and ecophysiology. 

I love using museum collections, herbarium specimens, microCT, and other visual elements to communicate science!


Twitter: @fionavduong

IMG_20200420_111907_2 (2).jpg

Brendan Heath

Cell & Molecular Biology

MS Candidate


I am currently part of the He lab, researching  vitamin B6 homeostasis in plants (and by extension, everything else). I work with Arabidopsis thaliana and occasionally tobacco. You might think this means I have a green thumb, but the opposite is true.

While I am not planning on working in formal education, I am very interested in ways of better communicating my passion for science to anyone who will listen.


Twitter: @justbheath

Dennis_Jongsomjit (1).jpg

Dennis Jongsomjit

Geographic Information Science

MS Candidate


I'm exploring the 9-month long winter migration of Adélie penguins in the Ross Sea and their dependence on sea-ice to aid them in their travels.  I want to communicate inspirational science stories to young people who are unsure or unfamiliar with ecology as a profession.


Twitter: @Jongsomjit

Lela Legesse.jpeg

Lela Legesse

Cell and Molecular Biology

MS Candidate 

She /Her/Hers


I am a second-year master’s student in Dr. Riggs's lab. My research is focused on determining what establishes cortical polarity in Drosophila neuroblasts. I want to better understand whether asymmetric cell division plays a role in establishing cortical polarity.

My interest in science communication comes from wanting to accurately and effectively discuss my research in a way that can be understood to the general public. 

Twitter: @lelalegesse1

Marie Lilly Headshot.JPG

Marie Lilly

Biology - Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation 

MS Candidate 


I am interested in how diseases cycle in nature as well as the social and environmental conditions that lead to pathogen transmission. Currently, I am investigating how community ecology impacts emerging tick-borne diseases on the West Coast.


When I’m not in the field or lab I’m probably out riding my bike, dancing, or staring at birds.


Twitter: @marievlilly


Casey Mitchell

Biology - Cell and Molecular Biology

MS Candidate 


My interests revolve around immuno-oncology and gene therapy. I am currently in the NSV lab at SFSU studying the use of reactive oxygen species (ROS) to induce gene expression selectively in cancer cells. In my free time, I play music (violin and guitar), work on a creative activity (painting, whittling, cooking), or hike around and look for cool things to see! 

Twitter: @ScientistCasey   

Rocky Ng.png


Biomedical Science (Biotechnology)

MS Candidate


I'm interested in using data science, programming, and statistics to analyze raw data generated by various molecular biology tools. I plan to develop a high school biotechnology curriculum focusing on bioinformatics.

Outside of graduate school, I am a full-time high school biotechnology teacher in South San Francisco. I love using different strategies to communicate science to my students.

Twitter: @MrRockyNg

Florence E. Fields

Marine Biology

MS Candidate


I am a first-year Master student currently apart of Dr. Jonathon Stillman’s lab. I am interested in the effects of climate change on marine and coastal organisms and their habitats, and species interaction with the biotic and abiotic environment. 


I love our marine and coastal environment and hope that my work and research can be communicated in such a way that it contributes to and becomes a part of the growing scientific conversation.


Twitter: @SciTechandFlo

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