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Meet The Team

We are students from the Biology Department at San Francisco State University.

We come together from various backgrounds to share our experiences and ideas about

science, careers in science, and being scientists.


Gabriela Ponce

MS Candidate

Studying Insect Ecology, interested in the plant/insect interactions involved in gall (plant-tumor) induction.


Diana Chu


Professor and Fertility Researcher.


Chinomnso Okorie

MS Candidate

Interested Translational Women's Reproductive health using community based research and Health and Equity.

How many scientists can you fit in an elevator?


Criszel Corpuz

MS Candidate

Studies the epigenetic regulation of gametes and creates short docs for the Center for Cellular Construction .


Destinee Lanns

MS Candidate

Interested in Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) in women of color.


Helen Butler

MS Candidate

Interested in studying the ecology of emerging infectious amphibian disease and the amphibian skin microbiome.

20171023_150749 (1).jpg

Jacob Elliott


Jacob currently studies yeast metablosim via the vacuole using fluorescent microscopy. Jacob has a broad interests in the fields of biology and computer science. 


Lisa Couper

MS Candidate

Studying tick-borne disease ecology with a focus on the role of the tick microbiome in Lyme disease dynamics

20171023_150849 copy.jpg

Mike Lindh

MS Candidate

Studies Microbiology at SFSU and focuses on Antibiotic Resistance Research

20171023_150654 (1).jpg

Christen Kinney

MS Candidate

Studying fertility in C. elegans

20171023_150826 (1).jpg

Cecelia Brown

MS Candidate

Time flies when you study flies.


Wayne Swinson

MS Candidate, SFSU

Wayne Swinson has been part of the SFSU SciComm Incubator family since the beginning. He brings humor and a unique perspective to all community and research projects. He currently studies chromosome dynamics in the model organism, C. elegans, to search for a cure to male infertility.

20171023_150907 (1).jpg

Carlos Gomez

MS Candidate SFSU

Carlos Gomez studies cell and molecular biology at SFSU. He is part of the CIRM Bridges program doing research on bone regeneration at UCSF


Will Chadwick

MS Candidate

Studying yeast vacuole size dynamics, interested in continuing into a career in industry.

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