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Time management: Maximizing your time to feel less stressed

All of us have the same number of hours in a day….Yes, even celebrities!

Though as a student, it seems like there’s never enough time to do the things we want, let alone the things we have to do, right?

I have been researching the best time management tips that can help students like myself feel less stressed. Between just living life, studying for exams, searching and enrolling in new classes, reading and writing assignments, making time for professors’ office hours, and a host of other issues. Life can get a bit out of hand. Here I offer a few tips on how to balance your time to feel less stressed and overwhelmed!

1. Start with Tracking your time by doing a screen time record to see how much screen time you have spent on your laptop or phone or by using an app. (ex: Clockify)

2. Set goals and priorities regularly either weekly or monthly.

3. Eliminate distraction by limiting the time we spend on unimportant stuff such as watching streaming sites or scrolling through Twitter.

4. Write down weekly planning on a paper planner or digitally.

5. Use a checklist by writing things down and checking them off to make sure nothing gets forgotten.

6. Do a weekly review to reflect and track progress and what might be working or not working.

7. Rewarding yourself every time you complete a task whether big or small. It will reinforce the work you do and help to create a routine and incentive to keep motivating you to power through the tasks.


If we as students make an attempt to master some if not all of these effective time management skills and tips, we will be able to reap the benefits of how to manage our time properly.

If interested in finding more ways to help with procrastination and manage your time click Here


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