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How to stay active and optimize well-being during the pandemic

We’re all going through these uncertain times together, not knowing what we should do to maintain our well being and stay healthy. I struggle daily to stay healthy, especially when it comes to physical activity, though there are major benefits that come from exercising.

I found this article on Nuvance Health which was very useful because it offers some excellent benefits for staying active (Here). For example, exercise can be used as a way to boost our immune system. Research shows that regular to moderate-intensity exercise greatly improves immune-boosting benefits that will help the body fight off infections. Exercising might come in handy especially during these current times as we are fighting COVID-19 (Here). Another great benefit is that exercising can prevent further weight gain because it helps the body burn extra calories. Exercise can also help decrease stress and anxiety. it’s proven to be a mood-booster that can aid adults in reducing stress levels as well as building emotional resilience (Here). There is evidence that suggests exercising regularly helps people fall asleep faster as well as improving their sleep quality which also boosts the immune system because getting a good night’s sleep has also been found to strengthen your immune system (Here)

Yet even with all these great benefits, sometimes I failed to stay active, but I always try to find new ways to get moving and stay motivated.

Here are a few suggestions I found in the Nuvance Health article that help me stay active (Here). I try to exercise with my family and friends which is an excellent opportunity for family fun. It can be any activity, such as walks, bike rides, dance parties, living-room yoga sessions, or soccer games, etc. In my case, I do dance activities with both my family and friends. I also love to be outdoors either walking, jogging, or hiking can help with much-needed fresh air while staying safely away from others. Other times I try to follow along with online exercise videos this one is my favorite one to do. Whether you enjoy yoga, cardio kickboxing, Pilates, dance, or any other type of workout that are available on youtube for free. Additionally, some exercise studios and other community organizations are now providing some on-demand virtual fitness content. Usually, setting an exercise goal and make a plan towards achieving it helps me hold myself accountable and challenge myself. It could be for example; doing yoga three days a week or beating my best mile time. Otherways we can stay active is by doing some calorie-burning chores such as mowing the lawn, working in the garden, washing the car, or cleaning out the garage. These all present wonderful opportunities to build muscles and burn some calories.

Remember you can take charge of your mood and well-being, as well as regain a sense of control, during this time of great uncertainty.


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