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Climate Change Is Real: Green House Gases Are The Cause And Humans Contribute

Climate change describes global shifts in normal weather patterns and global warming which for those who do not pay close attention have been an alarming subject matter for some years now.

Although we know the answer, the question concerning the existence of climate change still circles and brings uncertainty to many. Maybe there is denial because the thought that such a phenomenon can influence our very survival. Maybe some of us just refuse to accept that what we do here on earth in our small neighborhood could possibly contribute to a world scale event.

This phenomenon causes the rise in temperatures and sea levels, drought and heat waves. It is unrealistic to list all the consequences and effects caused by climate change but know all organisms and ecosystems will be affected. Let’s use our imagination. Think of our big beautiful world, then imagine holding a match and lighting it on fire.

Scary isn’t it?

In the following link to NASA not only informs us of the effects and causes of climate change but provides evidence that it does exist.

So how do we contribute might you ask? By emitting tons of greenhouse gases (GHGs) which causes what is known as the greenhouse effect. Let us imagine. The sun provides us with sunlight which is useful to so many organisms and this sunlight is reflected from the earth’s surface and converted to heat. Now instead of all that reflected heat leaving the earth, picture the GHGs emitted creating a blanket surrounding the earth trapping some of that heat inside.

You may think standing in front of an open fridge for long periods trying to decide what you want may affect no one. Or driving your car to go to the store down the block only promotes your laziness. Think again! We may not be able to control the release of emitted greenhouse gases, but we do control the amount of emitted greenhouse gases we contribute to. Sources of GHGs emissions can be as simple as transportation; fossil fuels such as petroleum and crude oil to make gasoline are used. Electricity production which involves burning fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal. And industry which involves raw material production, the chemicals used in these processes assist in emitting GHGs.

The environmental protection agency (EPA) in the link below explains in more detail what GHGs are and its sources.


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