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What's Next for Me?

Many times we start things based on a trend or what's popular at the moment and that’s something I wanted to avoid. Previously I had posted about my engagement project wanting to spark interest in science among the Pacific Islander community and as well as encourage pursuing a higher education. However, I did not want it to just be a post, but more so begin a movement or surge that would bring awareness and maybe even change.

Once my blog had been posted, I began to share it to all my social media outlets. I knew that my blog wasn’t just for this class, but it's design was to reach my people. As everyone can assume, social media is your best friend when you want your message to be heard. So I did so and honestly I couldn’t believe the outpour of love and support I received by doing that. Many of the responses were all in support and just encouraging me to pursue this to a bigger scale so it may reach as much individuals in the Pacific islander community as possible.

Now the question I asked myself as I was receiving feedback of love and support was, “Whats next?” I have support from many near and far however I didn’t want it to end with just a blog post. How exactly can I keep this project alive. This semester is coming to an end and the SciComm class is going along with it, I knew I needed a game plan and goals for when that time came. So I decided why not share my goals and overall game plan I have to continue my engagement project.

To move forward, I know that connections and relationships are a huge deal in making an impact. Some responses were from counselors and advocators in education wanting me to speak to their students. By seeing this, I have decided to not just reach out to just junior college students but also stretch as far as even speaking with high school students. Expanding my audience to more than just one generation is crucial to remaining relevant. Next I plan to start a Youtube Channel where I could post vlogs of the many encounters at junior colleges or local high school around the bay area. Also I could post some videos of interviews with other pacific islander students to where they can share their own personal stories on their journey in education. Last, I know this task can not be done with just a team of one so I plan to gain support and even more so a team that would be willing to take on this journey with me. I know that there is so much to be done, but one step at a time we can conquer the world as a “misrepresented” minority together.

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