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The Nature with Gordon Gone Wild

Nature shows were my jam as a kid. I idolized the greats such the Kratt Brothers, Steve Irwin, and David Attenborough, and fantasized of one day having their job and being paid to go into far-flung places in search of elusive wildlife. This year I finally asked myself “why not just go and make my own show if I want it so badly?” And so I did.

Click on the video above to watch the pilot episode of The Nature with Gordon Gone Wild! On this episode, I take you to the heart of Oakland’s Mountain View Cemetery in order to find and learn about amazing animals right at your doorstep. If you liked it, please subscribe to my Youtube channel @accordiongordon and stay tuned for more episodes! Additionally, you can also follow my Instagram @accordiongordon to check out my amazing wildlife finds.

Obviously there’s room for improvement, and I hope to expand on my filming capabilities, editing techniques, and on-screen persona as I create more episodes. Nevertheless, through my series I hope to normalize wildlife and nature (because the last thing we need is furthering the mental gap of nature as a separate sphere away from our daily lives), and spice up the world of nature documentaries by making it somewhat edgy, humorous and ultimately relatable to a predominantly millennial audience (I’ll know I’ll have succeeded when young adults talk about the outdoors like they do with rave concerts, haha). And also through just providing a fresh young meme-savvy POC face to the mix of nature show hosts (sorry not sorry old white men). I’m excited for this, and I hope you are too!

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