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SFSU and the Center for Cellular Construction (CCC)

As a SFSU Cell and Molecular biologist, I may have a particularly high interest in the matter, but I found some of the recent coverage of the Center for Cellular Construction (CCC) to be extremely captivating and worthy of sharing. From the following videos, to a recent Forbes article that highlights our University's involvement with the center, I have been continually impressed and inspired. This video was produced by Criszel Corpus, a fellow science communicator. I found this video to be especially well edited and I thought it did a great job of connecting emotion to science, which is often very difficult to do. More information about the CCC can be found here. The following video is also a recent release of Criszel Corpus and is equally as thought provoking, but in different ways. I thought that it was fascinating that each of the videos had its o

Yours Truly,

Jacob Elliott

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