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The Beauty of Science

We don’t get to choose the place where we are born and brought up. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to be brought up in a place which makes us feel comfortable and at “home.” Other times, we are raised in a place where we feel like outsiders. My family immigrated to the United states from Nicaragua and settled in a very conservative town with a Eurocentric world view. Naturally, Carlos Gomez felt a little out of place.

Watching TV could provide a small escape until I started watching news (during the Bush administration.) There was a variety of things that made me feel like an outsider except for one. Science. Regardless of where you are from or where you stand politically, science is based on objective facts. This is the reason I pursued science and now am a master’s candidate for cell and molecular biology at SFSU.

Learning science was a therapy for me, the outsider. I want to provide this therapy to others who are outside of academia. This is why I created @TheScienceAesthetic a tumblr blog used to provide scientific articles with beautiful images. The reason I use tumblr is to see aesthetically pleasing images, so I thought I could incorporate science into this equation. Each image has a link to a scientific article, paper, or news so that viewers could follow the links and become informed about science associated with the lovey image they are seeing.

The blog is in its infancy so gaining followers would allow @TheScienceAesthetic to move forward and make a bigger difference!

Please follow us!

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