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It's OK to Embrace Stupidity in Science and Enjoy Yourself

When most people think of Science they immediately start to become stressed and it seems very foreign to them. They may also think of some real uptight guy that talks over their heads and makes them feel real dumb. The problem becomes so exaggerated that people start to avoid aspects of their life that revolve around science to the point the they will flat out push back against it. They may feel the urge, perhaps influenced by growing resentment towards towards science in their communities, to combat fundamental science and deny its validity.

I believe that this is a symptom of how science has become too elitist and is isolating most people. It is as if the science community has been voted of the island like in the reality show "Survivor". It doesn't matter that we are hurting the Earth with pollution and the head of the EPA thinks that our air is too clean and is now unhealthy for Americans. The way Science is being portrayed to the public is causing a divide between the science community and the general public, and guess what, the general public has WAY more numbers. That divide has got to go.

It is time to address the root of the problem and make science just a normal part of everyone's lives. There is a reason that no one goes up to talk to a real intimidating stuck up person in a crowded room. They are just not giving off the right vibes. Right now science is that intimidating person in the corner of the room. We need to embrace the fun and stupidity of science so that it can become enjoyable and palatable to everyone. I mean, lets face it, we are just a bunch of goofballs anyways that continuously are making stupid mistakes until EUREKA! You found a plausible answer finally. This side of scientists needs to come out so our community can become relatable and we can attract more of the population into attempting to at least looking into our work. This type of approach has already shown great promise just from the work of people like Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I bet more people are way more into what they have to say than anything Francis Sellers Collins , the head of the National Institute of Health, has to say about anything.

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