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Our Sci Comm Guru

Today we were excited to host a visit from Mónica Feliú-Mójer!

The first time I met Mónica was at the Ferry Plaza with my friend Ahna Skop. Ahna introduced Mónica as a 'super star' and I soon found out why.

Mónica has a PhD from Harvard and is a fellow C. elegans researcher, like me and Ahna. But during the course of her career, she became involved in science communication to promote science to her home, Puerto Rico.

Our class got to hear about her journey from Puerto Rico, to Harvard, and now at iBiology in San Francisco. She answered so many questions we had about how to use social media, pursue your heart-felt passions in research and community, and she gave amazing feedback for our engagement projects.

We are also really looking forward to working with her and iBiology to help develop programs to bring Science Communication to diverse audiences!

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