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Science Vs. Lipstick

I came across a tweet from a twelve year old girl who expressed her interest in science but fears that society encourages her to leave her personal interests behind as she proceeds the field.

“Whats is wrong with our world where we think a girl has to choose one or the other.”

I have good news for you my future scientist; you do not have to choose!

As a female in the science field, (fondly known as a steminist), I find that the best path in science is the path where you stay true to yourself as you progress onward in this field. You do not have to choose between watching makeup tutorials , the color pink and science. Be that woman who loves pink and science; this only makes you stronger as a scientist.

As a matter of fact, the principal investigator of my lab wears a pink lab coat to represent her true identity as a female scientist! What’s more empowering than that?

Personally, I have a large collection of makeup and I rock a full face when I am in lab and when I go to conferences. In fact, Jordan Salmon, a scientist at San Francisco State University, created a video with 2 other scientist (one being me) where we do our makeup (a get ready with me for those familiar) and we hold a discussion regarding our research and relevant topics to female scientists!

You don’t have to be labeled as anything to be a scientist. Why put yourself in a box? You are special and capable no matter how you identify.

Comparing ourselves to men, the majority of male scientists are not into sports or art and they are not ridiculed for their hobbies and pastimes. Why are we held to such standards of how we like to identify? To hell of what people think, be whoever you want to be and embrace your differences to the "stereotypical” scientist.

Change the narrative of how the world perceives women in science. Never limit yourself as you are a scientist alone by always staying curious. Own who you are and you will change the world.

I’ll admit, it was a challenge at first to feel comfortable in a setting where the majority is in lay attire, where the majority are male, and the majority think they know what is best for you.

But I’ll leave you with this final message; Stay true to you, rock a sharp cat eye and a snatched face, and always let science be your guide. #steminism

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